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Suri HillWelcome to Alpacas at Suri Hill specializing in Reborn, Blythe & Designer Doll Hair.

    My beautiful hair is from my small herd of  Suri Alpacas in natural colors of black, lots of shades of brown, fawns, beige and white.
I use my young Alpacas hair that is a very fine fleeces and lots of luster. We shear once a year in May. Many of my Alpacas fleeces have won Color Championships and 1st place ribbons at many Alpaca Fleece shows.

    Alpaca hair is so very fine and soft just like babies hair. My hair is combed to perfection and you will have no waste at your end. I think you are going to love using it. The hair is in very soft natural colors no Dying needed at all.

    My final combing is done with a very fine tooth comb and then place in small bundles and wrapped carefully in tissue so it arrives to you in the same beautiful condition. I wash in a high quality shampoo and conditioner, when its perfectly clean  There are no tangles and its soft and gorgeous.  I have a money back guarantee if your not 100% satisfied with my hair.

My Babies

    Reborn Doll Hair
to Your Babies

 MY Babies



Some of our Fleece Show Ribbons. We have won several Color Championships, many 1st Place Blue ribbons and the special Judges Awards.

I'm the sole caregiver for my herd and know each one of their personalities. I choose the Male that brings out the best in each of my females for mating and have been very pleased with the crias (babies). For me when I have their hair clean and combed it is just a great feeling. 

I look out the window at this years Cria and know that next year I will be able to turn those fleeces into gorgeous Doll Hair.  Good luck on your dolls I know you all spend so many hours in creating them and I think they're just beautiful. Send me their photos I would love to have them on my photo page.



Shirley Rogers
Alpacas at Suri Hill
Newberg, Oregon

E-mail to shirley@surihill.com